Is it just me or does online conversation now feels point less? Maybe it’s just me, so does this imply i am losing my introvertness as i crave for human interaction a little more? Am i slowly trasitioning to an extrovert as i tend not to trust conversations based only on vague texts? All the […]

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​It’s nights like these when the fear of being alone really strikes me. As i lay on my roof with headphones over my head listening to ‘After the rain’ for a millionth time in the original japanese. As the wind slowly brushes my hair, strokes my limbs as my chest goes up and down, up […]

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I Found Her.

Life was a catastrophe and my mind a pathetic mess, nothing was going right and i was more than ready to quit. And that’s just when, I Found You.  I was standing on the edge of the world, staring into the deep dark abyss underneath me. In that darkness i was free, in the silence […]

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Somewhere, I don’t know. 

Somewhere, Somewhere maybe there exists a universe, floating among the infinite cosmos, a universe where you and I are together. A place where nothing ceases to exist, A place filled with nothing but you, me and our emotions.  Somewhere, Somewhere where my mornings start with your smile, soo warm. Your eyes reflecting into mine, filling […]

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If i tell you I am yours, will you be mine too?  If i tell you I’m thirsty would your lips be dry too? If i hold you against the wall, will your heart start pounding?  If i dim the lights in the room, will you still be standing? Or will you lie down in […]

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I’m falling, falling into an eternal abyss, gravity trying to pull me closer, nothing stopping her, I keep falling for what felt like an eternity, surrounded by nothing, just my thoughts and me. When suddenly I wasn’t falling anymore.  I land on hard concrete floor. Cars swooshing by me,  dragging the oxygen i’m trying to […]

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I walk this path along with you,  ​​You kept going ahead While i tried to stop you. But little did i know it was your destiny to shine, While i kept thinking was it all worthwhile. You were perfect and amazing just something i would expect, Yet when it came to my feelings you would […]

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